Terms & Conditions

Please note the the following terms and conditions we last updated on 20-09-2021

Payments, Fees & Charges

RTEO reserves the right to perform quarterly reviews of it’s services, prices, fees and charges. In case of any change, RTEO will notify clients prior to new services and prices being implemented the following month.  If you are still under a fixed contract term then the new prices will not be in affect until your contract term is over.  

All prices do not include GST.


Hosting & Management Products

RTEO Clients pay for hosting and management via monthly direct debit under a subscription model.

Monthly automatic deductions are made via eWAY (Credit Card & Bank Account payments available)

Clients signing up to hosting or management must purchase the hosting plan subscription on our website prior to your website going live. The monthly direct-debit via eWAY will be on the first day of every month. The first payment will occur on purchase of this service. RTEO clients are responsible for any changes to their direct debit information and must inform RTEO of any changes to their bank details. Please note if clients wish to pay via credit card, there will be a 1.5% surcharge + 25c per transaction for both VISA and MasterCard.

Direct Debit

Insufficient Funds

If the automatic eWAY defaults, it is automatically reprocessed until paid in full plus a penalty fee of $15 per eWAY default and will continue to be reprocessed until paid. RTEO clients paying by automatic eWAY agree to pay all bank, reference, debt collection or legal fees associated with any default or legal proceedings to recover outstanding fees.


Cancellation of the automatic debit requires 30 days notice in writing.  Once processed we will continue to invoice with the option of payment via Credit Card or EFT.

Website Design & Development

Project Scope

RTEO provides this quotation based upon our best understanding of the website scope and requirements through the initial discovery and consultation sessions. If there are any inaccuracies, please notify RTEO so that we can make the necessary adjustments. Once this quotation is approved, if there are any changes or alterations beyond the scope as outlined in this proposal, additional costs may be incurred.

Project Timings

This quotation is valid for 30 days and is based on the proposed project commencing within 30 days of this agreement being accepted. RTEO reserves the right to re-quote if the project is yet to commence within 30 days of this agreement being accepted. RTEO will work to the proposed timings outlined in this proposal. However if the project is on hold or is delayed beyond RTEO’s control (such as responding to the website design questionnaire, supplying of content, access to website accounts, providing feedback etc) the proposed timings will be adjusted accordingly and RTEO reserve the right to re-quote the project if needed.

Website Design & Development

RTEO is responsible for the design and development of the website defined by the scope outlined in this proposal. Unless specifically outlined in this proposal, RTEO does not produce wireframes or visual mockups as part of our standard website process. If the client requests RTEO to produce wireframes or visual mockups, additional costs may be incurred. The website will be designed and developed on a live development website environment and will be presented to the client via a secure website link for review, feedback and/or approval.

Website Content

RTEO requires final client-approved website content prior to commencing the website design & development. Website content includes such things as logos (branding), website copy (text), company images (photos), company videos and any SEO meta data. Unless specifically stated in the website proposal, RTEO websites do not include any copywriting, SEO Research & Optimisation or Video production. If you require any assistance with any of the above items please speak to RTEO so that we can provide you with additional quotation & advice.

Website Content Copyright

When providing website content (such as photos, videos or music) clients are required to ensure they have the appropriate copyright approval for the use of the material. RTEO suggests to always purchase royalty free media to ensure you are rightfully licensed to use it on your website to avoid any legal ramifications.  RTEO have royalty free images that they will provide as part of the web development process.

Website Content Definitions

  1. RTEO defines (1) website page as being a website page containing up to a maximum of 500 words and 5 images.
  2. RTEO defines (1) blog/projects page as being a website page feeding in blogs articles/projects. RTEO is responsible for the blog/project page template design and population of standard blog articles/projects as per this proposal.
  3. RTEO defines (1) gallery page as being a page displaying images in a thumbnail or slide gallery containing 10-15 images.
  4. RTEO defines (1) course page as being a website page containing up to a maximum of 1000 words and 7 images.  Each course page will be based on one template design with unique copy for each course; either being fed from the RTEO Content Manager Plugin and/or aXcelerate.
  5. RTEO defines (1) staff page as being a website page containing up to a maximum of 400 words and 5 images powered by the RTEO Content Manager Plugin.
  6. RTEO defines (1) document page as being a website page containing up to a maximum of 2000 words and 3 images powered by the RTEO Content Manager Plugin.
  7. RTEO defines (1) testimonial entry containing up to a maximum of 200 words and 1 image powered by the RTEO Content Manager Plugin.

If any website page content or characteristics exceeds these definitions, RTEO reserves the right to provide an additional quotation & advice.

Website Revisions

Included in your website package there are revision rounds for website changes and a final round of minor text amends. This ensures the process is as smooth as possible from both ends and allows your site to go live sooner. If there are any changes to this process beyond our control (such as additional rounds of revisions or additional meetings) additional costs may be incurred.

Supplying of Website Design Questionnaire

When supplying the final client-approved website design questionnaire answers, please ensure each individual question is answered accurately. No handwritten or scanned copies will be accepted, only a response into the form fields via email will be accepted. If you require any assistance with answering the questionnaire, please speak to RTEO and we can provide you with some example ‘responses’ to guide you in the right direction. Supplying of incorrect or non-final answers that require additional clarification will be addressed in the next meeting before project launch.

Supplying of Branding

Please upload into the questionnaire the final client-approved branding along with final colours, fonts and any other visual references that will aid in the website design process. Accepted formats are referenced in the website design questionnaire. Supplying incorrect or non-final files that require additional changes made to the website may result in additional costs.

Supplying of Images/Photography

When supplying images/photography to the questionnaire, please be sure to provide high resolution images.  If the images are too big for upload, you can mail out the content to our Melbourne address detailed on this proposal. If you have specific stock images/photography you are wanting on the site, please purchase and download the highest resolution available. If you decide to not provide any images/photography, RTEO will provide all the images needed to complete the website content in line with our content definitions.  Please speak to RTEO and we can provide you with additional quotations & advice if you require a library of images outside the scope of this website.

Supplying of Videos

RTEO requires videos to be filmed and uploaded in high resolution (HD) to our website design questionnaire form.  Alternatively you can upload the content to YouTube or Vimeo. Please provide RTEO with your 1) login credentials and 2) video URL’s to allow us to embed videos so they can be displayed inside the website. RTEO has a limited amount of space available on your server subscription.  If you have a lot of video content we recommend using an external service for hosting your videos. If you require any assistance with videography please speak to RTEO and we can provide you with additional quotation & advice.

Browser Testing

RTEO optimises every website for optimal user experience appropriate to the capabilities of browsers or devices. Since all browsers and devices have different capabilities, performance and screen sizes, this may mean the website will appear slightly different due to the capabilities of each browser or device. RTEO test websites in current versions of the major desktop browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer), and Mozilla Firefox. We do not test non-current, out of date or abandoned website browsers. If required, please speak to RTEO and we can provide you with an additional quotation & advice.

Mobile Devices

RTEO test websites on popular small-screen devices such as iOS: Safari and Android 4.1: Google Chrome, Firefox. We do not test on Blackberry, Opera Mobile, or other mobile browsers. If required, please speak to RTEO and we can provide you with additional quotation & advice.

Damage or Loss

RTEO is not liable for any damage or loss caused to a website once it has been handed over to the client. We encourage our clients to be careful when editing / deleting pages or content as information can be easily lost. RTEO is also not liable for any content that is on your website.  However, RTEO’s hosting and management services include daily backups and if need be, we can revert back to another backup within hours.


Every RTEO website is built on WordPress, an open source CMS (Content Management System) platform that is an excellent solution for our clients’ needs. RTEO implements a variety of plugins provided by WordPress developers to extend and improve the website’s functionality. As part of the website hosting and management bundle, we are able to provide many of the plugin updates free of charge, however if there is any additional functionality required, many plugins can attract additional setup costs and annual licences. If an RTEO hosting and management bundle is not selected and you decide to host directly with another hosting company, RTEO is not responsible for any disruption, loss of data, limitations or inconvenience from plugin updates and core WordPress updates.  RTEO does not develop new websites that are not bundled with the RTEO hosting and management.


Every RTEO eCommerce website is built using the Woocommerce plugin which out of the box is a flexible and powerful eCommerce solution. RTEO implements a variety of extensions provided by licensed Woocommerce developers to extend it’s functionality. As part of our website hosting and management bundle, we are able to provide many of the extensions free of charge, even specific plugins for your website eCommerce needs.. RTEO does not own, nor control Woocommerce.  If an RTEO hosting and management bundle is not selected and you decide to host directly with another hosting company, RTEO is not responsible for any disruption, loss of data, limitations or inconvenience  from plugin updates and core WooCommerce updates.  RTEO does not develop new eCommerce websites that are not bundled with the RTEO hosting and management.

Website Intellectual Property & Licenses

Upon receipt of final payment, the website’s structure, design and content (images and text) is owned by and is the intellectual property of the client. Any royalty free images purchased during the project may be used by the client, but the intellectual property of these remains with the photographer and image library from where it was purchased.  This website can not be duplicated onto another domain, resold or templated without written permission from RTEO.  This website uses specific licenses, design assets, plugins and custom code, specifically for the domain name it was built for and will not validate under a different domain.  Both the RTEO template and content manager plugin are licensed, maintained and updated by RTEO and remain the intellectual property of RTEO.  By acceptance of this agreement, you will not modify, customise, or duplicate the RTEO template and content manager plugin.  This plugin works in conjunction with the official aXcelerate enroller plugin, enabling advanced website enrolment functionality, any modification or misuse of the plugin can break the website enrolment features severely.  A separate license agreement in more detail will be supplied with the handover of the website for the client’s record.

Intellectual Property

Each website’s plugin licences are owned by RTEO and are not intellectual property of the client nor transferable. Clients can always purchase their own licences if they choose to, and will be required to do so if they request to release their website from RTEO web server plans.  If plugin licenses are not purchase, the website will still work with limited functionality and plugins will not be able to be updated to the latest releases.

RTEO WordPress Template

Each RTEO website design comes with the RTEO Theme to provide the unique features of the RTEO client website.  RTEO maintains the development and updates of this theme and will be available within your WordPress website.   If an RTEO hosting and management bundle is not selected and you decide to host directly with another hosting company, RTEO is not responsible for any disruption, loss of data, limitations or inconvenience from our theme updates as we can not guarantee the modifications made after handover will support our theme’s code.

RTEO Content Manager Plugin

The RTEO Content Manager Plugin provides advanced functionality on the website and integration with aXcelerate. RTEO maintains the updates and continuous development of this plugin, which extends the functionality of the aXcelerate plugin and the aXcelerate API activated on your aXcelerate account.  RTEO’s Content Manager Plugin enhanced aXcelerate enrolment features will only install the enhanced course pages and enrolment components on the website after aXcelerate have completed their implementation of the aXcelerate official plugin.  The RTEO Content Manager plugin is only available for clients who select the RTEO hosting and management bundle for 24 months and is not sold separately.

Google Analytics & MyBusiness

RTEO installs a Google code to record all traffic details going in and out of your website.  This is an industry standard procedure.  We will create a Google analytics account on your behalf along with a Google MyBusiness account (if you don’t already have one) and then hand over access to the client with the website handover.

3rd Party Platforms/Plugins

RTEO use 3rd party platforms/plugins to extend the functionality of websites (such as PayPal, eWay, Woocommerce, Elementor). RTEO neither own, nor control any 3rd party platforms/plugins and if an RTEO hosting and maintenance bundle is not selected and you decide to host directly with another hosting company, RTEO is not responsible for any disruption, loss of data, limitations or inconvenience  from plugin updates and core plugin modifications.

Custom Development

If projects require custom functionality beyond the scope and capabilities of any available WordPress plugins or extensions, RTEO will provide an additional quotation for custom development work. RTEO guarantees this work upon launch, however cannot guarantee or be held responsible for custom modifications causing future errors from forced software updates by other technologies out of our control, or changes to website features that may conflict with the custom work.  If an RTEO hosting and management bundle is selected, we can manage the custom work to minimise the potential of crashes and can provide continuous development work, advice and support, although we are drastically limited once the website is out of our hosting and management framework.

Website Development Timeframe

Depending on the website package selected for your requirements, you will be quoted according to the scope of the project.

WEBSITE COST – $5,999-9,999

Project Duration (Px) = 8 weeks

WEBSITE COST – $9,999-14,999

Project Duration (Px) = 10 weeks

WEBSITE COST – $14,999+

Project Duration (Px) = 12 weeks plus


Website Development Payment Terms

Initial 20% Website Payment

Upon approval of quotation, RTEO will provide an initial invoice to activate the project. Once the 20% payment is received the project is activated and the Website Design Questionnaire form is sent with a website planning meeting scheduled.  The form will need to be completed 48hours before the next scheduled meeting to give RTEO time to review and research the content provided.

30% Website Progress Payment (Px * 60%)

Once a new website is presented by RTEO for client review, RTEO will request another 30% progress payment on the invoice. Payment of this invoice is required prior to any further work.

Final Website Payment (Px * 80%)

Once a website is approved for launch, RTEO will request the final remaining 50% on the invoice, which is due for payment prior to the website going live. The invoice will comprise the remaining 50% plus additional work completed as a result of alterations to the original scope. In cases where there is a client-side delay in the project, this final invoice will have been issued with a due date of (Px * 80%) and will be extended by a maximum of 30 days for unforeseen delays.

Website Project Alterations

In some instances clients opt for additional website alterations during the course of the planning, design & development of their website (such as additional pages or additional functionality etc). This is totally fine as RTEO understand the fluidity of projects where there are many stakeholders involved. Whenever this occurs, RTEO will always notify clients about the impact of any extra costs for full transparency. Upon website approval, RTEO will invoice the client for any additional alterations agreed to during the website project.


RTEO websites proudly feature a small RTEO logo at the bottom of the footer. This is our way of showing the world how proud we are to have built the website.


Hosting and management is usually bundled with RTEO website developments.  We do not design websites to be hosted and managed by other web development and hosting companies within the first 24 month contract.

Website Hosting

RTEO provides website hosting with an initial term agreement of 24 months.   We do not design websites to be hosted and managed by other web development and hosting companies within the first 24 month contract.

RTEO host websites on their own web servers and is built for scale providing renowned performance and uptime (99.99% uptime) on it’s servers.

Each hosting service will provide you with a login to access your web hosting service through a portal called ‘The Hub’.  The Hub will allow you to control key hosting features and monitor your website’s performance.

RTEO is not responsible for any related costs or damages associated with the website being down for any period of time but in the event of downtime, RTEO will work closely with both the client and web hosts, to rectify any issues in a timely manner. If a client’s website monthly traffic exceeds the amount outlined in their specific plan, RTEO reserves the right to move the client up to the appropriate website plan or provide a quotation for a suitable custom solution.  At any time, the client (you) can contact us in emergencies either by phone or via our support channels.  You can feel confident that if you decide to use RTEO’s hosting plans, you will have access for help at any one time.

Website Backups

RTEO performs automatic backups of every website on a nightly basis and backups are stored for 30 days – 180 days depending on your web host plan.  All these backups are stored on our server partners.  A backup can be restored on the live website in the matter of an hour from notification.

Website Access

RTEO clients under an RTEO web hosting plan are granted ‘restricted administrator’ level access to their websites enabling them the ability to easily add / edit / delete pages or content. RTEO remains the ‘unrestricted administrator’ for the website. For security reasons, unless requested in writing by the CEO after the contract term is over, RTEO does not grant Administrator or FTP access to clients or 3rd parties as RTEO cannot warrant or guarantee any work performed by 3rd parties. RTEO is not responsible for any loss or damage to the website, backups or database once Administrator access has been given.  RTEO partners aXcelerate receive editor access specifically to be able to modify and maintain a service to their online enrolment plugin in a controlled manner, being able to edit the aXcelerate plugin and integration, enabling us to maintain our guarantee of quality and service.

Website Hosting Cancellation

Release of Website

RTEO requires 30 days notice should a client request to cancel or release their website.  This request can only be made once the website contract term is over. Upon request, clients are required to acknowledge the transfer of responsibilities and termination of ongoing web hosting services & support upon release. Once agreed, RTEO will provide the client the EPP code required to transfer the domain name (if hosted by us), and remove all premium plugin licenses & associated tools and backup the website (core & database files) and provide the client a downloadable link via FTP. Once provided, the client has a 30 day window to set up new website hosting, arrange transfer of their domain and engage the services of a web developer to perform the website migration. RTEO is not responsible for the migration of the website, or the setup of email addresses and forwarders on the new servers, all of which are the responsibility of the client. After 30 days, RTEO will call the client to remind them of the 30 day period of expiry.  If we don’t get any action after this we will automatically invoice the client $750 to remove the website from it’s server and cancel all services. RTEO will keep a backup of the entire website and keep it on file for another 30 days.  In that period the client will have a chance to pay the data migration invoice of $750 and direct RTEO on where to send the website files. RTEO is not responsible for any loss of data during this process.

Migration of WordPress Website to External Hosting Provider

After the website contract terms is over, should a client request RTEO to perform a migration of the website to an external website hosting provider, a migration fee of $650 incl GST will be levied. RTEO requires 30 days notice to perform migration. Unless requested and quoted upon, RTEO is not responsible for the setup of the new website hosting or the setup of email addresses / forwarders on the new servers, all of which are the responsibility of the client including Domain Name Transfer, DNS Record Updates, Zone or Email records. Upon payment of the migration fee, RTEO will migrate the existing website to the new hosting allocation. RTEO is only responsible for the migration of the current website and ensuring the correct website functionality is maintained. The client will be given a list of WordPress website server requirements & plugin licence details to ensure their chosen hosting environment is suitable prior to transfer.  The above mentioned features under RTEO web hosting plans are not included if the client moves to another hosting provider.

Website Management

RTEO provides website management for websites that are hosted with RTEO with an initial term agreement of 24 months.  Subscriptions to website management have exclusive access to email support (support @ www.rteo.com.au). Each web host plan client can call RTEO directly up to 15 minutes for any issues, questions and/or discussions in the first 3 months after receiving their RTEO developed website.

Support is offered between 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays and is exclusive for RTEO clients. Support is not available on Public Holidays or over the annual Christmas closed period. During peak times, there may be a 24-48hr response time for any support.  Rest assured that your web host plan gives you 24/7 chat support and emergency phone support in case something goes seriously wrong with the website.  Your website can always be reverted back to the day before in less than 2 hours if need be.  

Existing websites not designed by RTEO

Minor updates and fixes on websites not designed and developed by us may not be supported by RTEO and we will let you know before you purchase our services or products.  If we can’t help we will always try to find some solution for you from our partners in the industry who do take jobs in that category.

Website Bugs/Fixes

Occasionally a website may appear broken as a result of software updates (WordPress, Theme & Plugins) or by other means such as user, browser, desktop & device error. RTEO will work to fix all website bugs including performing additional updates & troubleshooting, WordPress and theme & plugin authors. Support time for bug fixes is part of our ongoing service and support under the maintenance plans. 

RTEO is not responsible for the development & maintenance of WordPress, aXcelerate Plugin and the various plugins being used to operate each website and some issues might exist within the plugin’s themselves which are out of our control.  If this is the case, RTEO will revert the website to a backup that was working and wait until the plugin developers have fixed the issues that remain in their plugins.

Website updates will not be able to be performed until these conflicts have been resolved by each independent plugin developer.

General Support


Any help needed in regard to your paid services – website server, website management – is supported via general support, these include:

  • Web-server issues
  • Setting up staging servers
  • Consulting with other IT partners
  • Website issues/broken site/server downtime
  • Adding new users to your website
  • Discussing updates and new features
  • Emergency situations

RTEO managed clients have access to the support channel at support.rteo.com.au.  This includes help guides and documentation along with support chat and a support ticketing system. 

Website Management Support

Your website management subscription includes a number of website management support hours per year.

Website management support hours (WMSH) can be used for all sorts of website tasks like

  • updating files,
  • updating images
  • adding blogs
  • adding courses
  • adding pdfs and files
  • adding banners
  • adding videos
  • changing course outlines
  • updating course prices
  • updating course descriptions

etc.  Any change on the website that will take more than roughly 2 hours will be considered a separate job and will be quoted for.  WMSH can not be used for anything that is listed in the premium support service.

Extra Pre-paid Support Hours

Once your yearly support hours part of your subscription have been exhausted, you can top-up these hours by visiting our website management page and purchase blocks of wmsh.


WMSH which is received part of your subscription last for 12 months from the date of subscription for website management and then gets topped-up with new support hours based on your subscription level.  Any unused WMSH do not roll-over into the new subscription year.  WMSH cannot be traded in for credit, money, or any other productsv.  RTEO hold full discretion on whether they will extend WMSH for any particular circumstance.

Premium Support

Premium support is a pre-paid service and can be used for the following areas.

  • High level training on website design
  • High level training on website management
  • High level training in aXcelerate
  • Consulting on business development operations and system improvements
  • Updating aXcelerate enrolments integration
  • aXcelerate system development
  • aXcelerate system audits and reports
  • Updating aXcelerate templates

Premium support will need to be purchased separately from our online store or quoted directly by contact RTEO

Pre-Paid Support Hours (PPSH)


Once pre-paid support hours (PPSH) are purchased they can be booked in by contacting your RTEO Account Manager.  If you need guaranteed time slots RTEO will also provide you a calendar where you can book your hours according to the RTEO schedule.


PPSH can only be used for jobs which are roughly a maximum of 2 hours in duration. 

This is for reasons mentioned below.
  • RTEO can’t guarantee a job more than 2 hours can be completed on demand and immediately
  • RTEO might spend more than 2 hours on a job, which was not agreed to by your organisation  so 2 hour max slots at a time are more manageable and acceptable by both parties
  • RTEO might encounter issues and might not be able to complete a requested task with the hours remaining so quoting will highlight these situations as it gives RTEO more time to analyse the requested tasks and quote accordingly


PPSH expire after 90 days from date of receipt.  PPSH cannot be traded in for credit, money, or any other products.  RTEO hold full discretion on whether they will extend prepaid hours for any particular circumstance.


Any domains registered through RTEO will be charged on annual cycle.  Domains vary in prices based on the TLD (Top-Level-Domain) and the word length.

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