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RTEO Content Manager Plugin


Course Manager

Manager your course pages and content super easy with NO CODE. Build course content with the Course Builder with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Common content fields have already been created for quick setups but if you need somthing specific we can add anything you like to your course builder.


Document Manager

Manager your course pages and content

core features

Course Manager


Add Course Pages with No Code

Forget getting your web developer every time you need to add another course, add a course with absolutely no code to specific pages of your website.


Integrate with aXcelerate

Easily integrate your course pages with your website's aXcelerate Online Enrolment Plugin to display course intakes for online enrolments.


Integrate with VETenrol

Do you have a VETenrol portal? Easily connect your registration/enrol buttons on your course pages to your VETenrol applications forms.


Integrate with Moodle

Easily sell your Moodle courses with the added benefit of your websites eCommerce solution, built specifically to your needs.


Custom Sections

Easily add custom sections to your course pages with an easy-to-use interface with WYSIWIG builder allowing video, images, custom content and much more...


Edit Course Pages With No Code

Update every element of your course directly from the course builder with a super easy-to-use user interface with pre-defined or custom built fields


Optimised for SEO

The course pages are built with the right structure to be SEO friendly and each course has a unique link which is indexable by Google.


ASQA/NRT Marketing Compliance

The page build includes all sections in a course needed to be compliant with ASQA marketing compliance and regulations.


Add Video & Custom Content

Easily add video/image content to sections of your course pages or embed other elements from your website directly into your course pages.


Custom Builders & Templates

Let RTEO design your custom builder which feeds content into your custom page template, allowing you COMPLETE control over your website's content, look and feel.


Integrate with aXcelerate!

Connect your course pages to aXcelerate’s Online Enrolment Plugin to enable enrolments into the aXcelerate system.  Display upcoming intakes with an ‘Enrol’ button in a beautifully designed course page.

Integrate with VETenrol!

We can integrate the VETenrol platform by linking your course page elements to your unique VETenrol portal links in many ways than one.  Speak to us today on how we can tailor your website to suit your needs.

Integrate with Moodle!

Link a student to your Moodle courses straight from your course pages.  We can also enable you to sell your courses with a eCommerce solution, plus many more features!

Built specifically for VET

RTEO content manager plugin is the most advanced content manager plugin for WordPress websites in the VET industry.  Manage your website content with easy to use forms with NO CODE, and add VET-compliant course content that integrate with either aXcelerate, Moodle or VETenrol.  Manage documents and policies, business details (TOID, RTO Name) across the site.  Custom development is also available for specific requirements

Custom Solutions

If you have a specific requests to add to the Content Manager Plugin we can tailor the plugin to your exact requirements.
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Here’s a list of our frequently asked questions.  If you can’t find an answer here, alternatively please contact us here or via chat.

This plugin is not sold separately  and comes in a bundle with RTEO Hosting and RTEO Management under a 24 month contract.

Contact us for more information

If you have a wordpress website and would like RTEO to integrate this into your currently system it could take between 1-8 weeks depending on how many builders you would like.

If you would like specifically the Course Builder and the aXcelerate integration, we have a product coming out at the end of May which will enable this setup within 24 hours.

Yes, if you want your course pages to integrate with the aXcelerate system, you will need to be an aXcelerate client and need to purchase the online enrolment plugin from aXcelerate.  You will also need to enable the aXcelerate API.   If you are not currently an aXcelerate client or you don’t have the aXcelerate online enrolments integration, please contact us if you are interested in adding this feature to your website.

Yes! We have a completely new service coming out at the end of May which will enable any organisation to use the aXcelerate enrolment plugin and be setup within 24hours. In the meantime we can still help out.

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